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Uplighting is a popular lighting effect created by strategically placing lighting fixtures on the floor and pointing them up.
Festoon Stringlights for Weddings

Festoon Stringlights

Our festoon string lighting can add a wonderful warm glow to any dark environment, indoors or out.
Festoon Stringlights for Weddings

Pin Spotting

Pin Spot fixtures can be used to highlight cakes, florals, dessert tables and more.
Intelligent Moving Fixtures

Intelligent Moving Fixtures

What really sets us apart is our Wireless Transitional Lighting. We can design your event using several different fixtures that work together.
Wireless Chandeliers Lighting Services

Wireless Chandeliers

Our wireless chandeliers can be hung practically anywhere you can imagine. This makes them perfect for gazebos, pavilions, arches, and tree limbs.
Decorative Wireless Fixtures Austin Services

Decorative Wireless Fixtures

Fairy stands can be hung from trees creating a depth a field of warm light.
Decorative Wireless Fixtures Austin Services

Dance Floor Wash Lighting

Light up any dance floor with our multiple packages offered.
Decorative Wireless Fixtures Austin Services

Our Work

See the venues we have lit up for special events.
Custom Monograms Lighting Service

Custom Monograms

Add a personal touch for your big day or corporate event with a custom monogram.
Single Strand Edison drop fixtures

Drop Fixtures

Our single strand edison drop fixtures can be hung individually or made into a beautiful backdrop.

Transitional Lighting

We can design your event using several different fixtures that work together to provide an amazing lighting experience that will wow your senses.

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