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We offer two types of up-light fixtures:

  1. Standard up-lighting fixture (Ape Labs Maxis and Minis)
  2. Art/Decor up-lighting fixture (Apelight Art, LightCans, and ApeSticks)

Family of five fixtures that can work together to create an amazing lighting experience.

Uplighting Solutions

Five Fixtures

All five fixtures are compatible with each other and can be controlled by the same remote control. All colors macros and programs match across the different device types making them a perfect solution for any lighting application.


Our standard uplighting fixtures. These wireless uplights look great just about anywhere. And they may be small but they are very impressive for their size. They have a chrome inclosure that blends into any room and a 10+ hour battery life that will outlast practically any event.

Uplighting Fixture for Austin Lighting Events


This is the Maxis little sibling. They still look great just about anywhere, and they are perfect for smaller lighting applications.

Mini Uplights for Austin Events

Apelight Art

Not your typical uplight. These beautiful three beam uplights can transform any room into something truly magical.

Event Lighting Apelight Art


Enjoy a unique lighting fixture, the size of an energy drink! The Cans’ 45 degree beam makes it an ideal product for creating a quick and easy lighting atmosphere.

Austin Event Lighting Light Cans


The Stick is a tube shaped battery powered LED wide angle wash bar. They are equipped with two adjustable magnets which allow them to attach to any metal surface.

Event Lighting with Apestick
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Event Lighting Services

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